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Commission on Church Governance
2018-12-15 Source: this site


n  Promote local CC&TSPMs and churches' understanding and implementation of 'Regulations on Religious Affairs' and relevant laws and regulations;

n  Guide and urge the implementation of 'Rules of Chinese Christian Church', 'Measures for Certifying Chinese Christian Clergy' and 'Measures for Appointing Main Christian Clergy';

n  Facilitate the formation of sound rules and regulations for local CC&TSPMs and churches, promote a democratic and systematic administration, and help establish a welfare system for the clergy of local CC&TSPMs and churches;

n  Promote the exchange among local churches about good practice and experience of church governance and advocate them;  

n  Conduct research on significant issues within local churches such as disorder, heresy and overseas infiltration and offer solutions.


Director: Lv Dezhi

Deputy Directors: Wu Jianyin, Zhang Keyun, Gu Mengfei

Commissioners: Wang Conglian, Tong Pingan, Yan Xiyu, Li Yonghong (female), Zhang Jiyou, Luo Yingfu, Geng Weizhong, Kou Xiaodong

Secretary: Zhao Meiqing (female)