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Commission on Rural and Ethnic Minority Ministries
2018-12-15 Source: this site


n  Promote the ministries in rural and ethnic minority areas; explore and provide suggestions to solve prominent and general problems of the church in rural and ethnic minority areas;

n  Improve the self-reliance of the church in rural and ethnic minority areas, learn about the basic living conditions of clergymen in these areas and provide advice;

n  Learn about the activity of heresies in the church of rural and ethnic minority areas, take measures and offer suggestions to guard against cult;

n  Organize grass-root clergymen and volunteers to compile materials for rural training.

n  Serve the believers in ethnic minority areas and foster the unity between different ethnic minority groups and between believers and non-believers.


Director: Yu Wenliang (Lisu ethnicity)

Deputy Directors: Li Baole, Yue Qinghua

Commissioners: Wang Chaoxuan, Ren Xianmin, Yang Chaoyun (Miao ethnicity), Fan Chenguang (Female), Meng Fanzhi, Gao Youhong (Yi ethnicity), Qin Fengzhen (Female, Zhuang ethnicity), Lu Shaobin, Xue Lianxi

Secretary: Xiao Yunxiao