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Suzhou Century Church Holds a Dedication Ceremony
2018-12-14 Source: this site

On  December 3rd, 2018, Century Church held a dedication ceremony in Suzhou,  Shanxi Province.


Zhang Qingfa, Director of Shanxi Provincial Administration for Religious Affairs, Li Yanchun, Chief of Shuozhou Municipal Administration for Religious Affairs, Rev. Zhang Enlai, President of Shanxi Christian Council, Rev. Wang Chenxing, General Secretary of Shanxi Christian Council, Yang Xiaolin, Chief of Shuozhou District Administration of Religious Affairs, together with the holy band and the first holy choir from Qiaotoujie Church in Taiyuan, as well as church staff and church member from local churches came to witness this joyous occasion together.

Rev. Wang Yan prayed for the dedication of the new church and Rev. Cui Fucai shared the story of building the church. Elder Tang Rizeng read the verses from 1 Chronicles 29:5-14, and gave thanks to God's guidance, as well as the prayer and donation from the brothers and sisters.