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Baotou CC&TSPM Organizes an Urban-Rural Church Sermon Exchange
2019-02-15 Source: this site

From 11th to 18th February 2019, Inner Mongolia autonomous region Baotou Christian Council & committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement (CC&TSPM) organized an urban-rural church sermon exchange. Church staff reached villages that were suffering from a scarcity of preachers. It was to learn about the spiritual needs of local believers and to  help the church enjoy a healthy development. 


Rural churches are deficient in pastoral staff and are susceptible to fight heresies and cults. Such urban-rural church sermon exchange enables the church in the city and countryside to interact in terms of gospel ministry and is able to effectively promote church development in rural areas. Meanwhile, rich churches in the city also practice the Biblical teaching of loving one another through offering a helping hand to poor churches.

Those church staff from city churches are united in the arm of the Lord and participated in this exchange to glorify the name of the Lord.