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Churches in Jilin Province Hold Activities on Valentine’s Day
2019-02-28 Source: this site

On 12th February 2019, Guangming Church in Minzhujie, Dunhua City, Jilin Province held wedding celebrations for 45 senior couples. Among them, 2 pairs have their diamond wedding, 4 gold wedding, 14 silver wedding and 24 couples married for over 15 years.


On 14th February 2019, Youhao gathering point in Hanzhang Village, Dunhua City, Jilin Province was newly decorated with fruits laid out in the pattern of the letters “love” and in the shape of a cross on a giant table in the middle of the church. Brothers and sisters gathered together merrily to celebrate Valentine's Day for 37 Christian couples.  


Preacher Yang Wensheng gave a sermon titled “The Marriage in the Bible” and cited the verses from Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:21-24. Yang exhorted the congregation to return to marriage principles set by God in the Bible, and taught couples to follow the teachings of God, endeavor to achieve harmonious marriages and live a happy married life.

On the evening of 14th February 2019, Guangming Church in Minzhujie, Dunhua City held a Valentine evening gala, aiming at correcting people’s false understanding of the Valentine’s Day and ensuring that brothers and sisters can establish proper values on marriage, family and love.