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​Kulangsu Trinity Church Holds Dedication Service
2019-03-25 Source: this site

Trinity Church held a dedication service in Kulangsu, Xiamen, Fujian, March 17, 2019.


At 9 a.m., brothers and sisters gathered together to give their thanks for the dedication of the church building and praised the Lord.

Lin Dong, a preacher, hosted the worship service. Youth choir and Yage band first performed “Revive Holiness” as a prelude. Renai choir then sang the hymns “Hand of the Lord” and “Amazing Love” .

Rev. Chen Meiman, senior pastor of Trinity Church, gave a sermon entitled “Gratefulness for Returning Home”. She recalled the over one thousand days and nights that filled with God’s blessings during the renovation of the Trinity Church.

Rev. Chen Yiping, who is at his nineties, gave the benediction. He retrospected the dynamic changes of Trinity Church over the past 85 years.

With the voices of praise, the dedication service came to a conclusion.