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Dedication Ceremony of Xinghua Church Conducted in Tianjin
2023-02-14 Source: this site

On the morning of February 5, 2023, Tianjin CC&TSPM held a dedication ceremony for the Xinghua Church in Jizhou District.

Rev. Mao Yajun, the chairperson of Tianjin TSPM and the president of Tianjin CC, Rev. Li Jingyu, the vice president of Tianjin CC, and core workers of the Jizhou church-affiliated fellowship attended the dedication ceremony. Rev. Liu Ping, the senior pastor of Xinghua Church, presided over the ceremony, and Rev. Mao Yajun gave a sermon.

Beginning in the early 1990s, there were more than ten fellowships scattered in the mountain villages of Jizhou District. The remoteness and poor transportation made the management and pastoral care difficult for Tianjin CC&TSPM. In order to strengthen the management of these fellowships situated in the remote mountains and improve the worship conditions of believers, Rev. Mao Yajun, who led the core workers of the Jizhou District with years of efforts and coordination, finally made happen the dedication of Xinghua Church in Jizhou District.

At the dedication ceremony, Rev. Mao Yajun gave a sermon and cited the verses from Psalm 133, encouraging the fellow workers in Jizhou District and illustrating the importance of dedicating the church. Rev. Mao Yajun talked about the ways to achieve a healthy and steady church development that fit into the requirements of the times. The first is to live together in harmony, to identify with each other, to help each other, and to imitate Christ’s self-sacrifice. The second is to let the grace of God flow to every Christian. The third is the destination of life, which is the blessing that God has predestined. Rev. Mao concluded that the dedication of the Xinghua Church marked a new stage for the church in Jizhou District.

The Xinghua Church in Jizhou District is situated in the center of the district, with its influence extending to every church-affiliated fellowship in this mountain area. The dedication of the church will have a profound impact on the steady development, standardized management, prevention of heresies, and various ministries of the grassroots church-affiliated fellowship in this region.

Translated and edited by Bei Sang.