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Rev. Shen Xuebin Receives Rev. Philip L. Wickeri
2023-06-15 Source: this site

On June 12, 2023, Rev. Shen Xuebin, Residential Vice President of CCC, received Rev. Philip L. Wickeri at the headquarters of CCC&TSPM. As a renowned scholar with the expertise on the history of Chinese Christianity, Rev. Wickeri now serves as an advisor to the archbishop on theological and historical studies at the Hong Kong Anglican Church (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, HKSKH).

Rev. Shen Xuebin extended welcome towards the visit of Rev. Philip L. Wickeri. The two sides exchanged ideas on the reconstruction of theological thinking of the Church in China, the relevant academic research achievements in the Chinese academia, etc. Rev. Shen said that HKSKH and CCC&TSPM had always maintained a good relationship with each other, and CCC&TSPM had received much assistance and support from HKSKH. CCC&TSPM sincerely looked forward to a long-standing friendship between the two sides. An invitation was also extended to the archbishop of HKSKH to visit CCC&TSPM. It was believed that a further cooperation between the two sides would help promote the reconstruction of theological thinking and a healthy church development.

Rev. Philip L. Wickeri said that he was glad to play an active role in promoting the friendly interaction between the churches in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. The good friendship would continue in the future, and exchanges and cooperations would be strengthened. He also mentioned several research achievements made in recent years by Chinese churches and Chinese academia in the Chinanization of the Christian Church in China. He expected the Church in China to have greater influence in the globe.

Translated and edited by Bei Feng.