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CCC&TSPM Receives UBS Delegation
2023-08-09 Source: this site

On July 31, 2023, CCC&TSPM received a five-person delegation from the China Partnership of the United Bible Societies (UBS). Delegates including Dr. Bernard Low and Mr. Daniel Loh, directors of the UBS China Partnership, were warmly welcomed by Rev. Xu Xiaohong, Chairperson of National TSPM, and Rev. Wu Wei, President of CCC.

The two sides had a discussion on cooperation and mutual friendship, and exchanged views on post-pandemic church development, Bible translation, distribution ministry and so forth. The moderators were Rev. Wu Wei and Mr. Bernard Low.

On behalf of CCC&TSPM, Rev. Xu Xiaohong first welcomed the revisit of the old friends. He said that UBS who had been in partnership with CCC&TSPM for decades, to some extent, had witnessed many changes in China over the years, such as the reform and opening up, church development, as well as the development of the Nanjing Amity Printing Company into one of the largest Bible printers in the world, which were full of God’s grace.

Regarding the Bible ministry in China, Rev. Xu Xiaohong said that the past few years saw the rapid growth of Chinese society and economy. However, the development of churches in different places was unbalanced, while believers had different demands for the Bible. As a response, CCC&TSPM had been working on publishing different versions of Bibles more suitable for the younger generation. “Bible Day” activities were held annually to encourage people to read the Bible in various forms. In addition, releasing a new version of the Bible translation, which would be more compatible with the contemporary language habits and localized Chinese expressions, was on the agenda.

Rev. Wu Wei expressed his gratitude to UBS for supporting the Bible ministry in China. He said that the lasting friendship and cooperation between the two sides was based upon UBS’s respect for Chinese churches and the Three-Self Principle of the Church in China. Moreover, even though Chinese churches were misunderstood by many overseas churches, UBS had its own strengths to facilitate many overseas church leaders’ visits to China. It also played an important role in helping overseas churches know Chinese churches, thereby making a positive impact. We are grateful for God’s guiding.

At the meeting, Ms. Chen Hongli, team leader of the Publication and Distribution of the Media Department, elaborated on the current situation of Bible publication and distribution, promotional activities, feedback from readers, and plans for future publication. Concerned about the Bible ministry in China, the UBS delegation raised some questions and then expressed their full support for Chinese churches in this field after the discussion.

Dr. Bernard Low reiterated UBS’s respect and support for the Three-Self Principle upheld by the Church in China. He mentioned that another visit to China would take place next year and would be led by the general secretary of UBS. He also looked forward to a deeper and broader cooperation in the future, and believed that it would bear more fruit to glorify the name of God.

The delegation also visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Grace Telling Bookshop.

Shortly before, Mr. Daniel Loh and two other delegates visited Jilin Province and Liaoning Province respectively on July 26 and 27, to call on local CCs, churches and seminaries. They expressed their concern for the basic ministries of the Church in China and their willingness to help train more volunteer preachers and encourage local believers to read the Bible diligently.

Translated and edited by Bei Feng, Xiao Tang.