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Yongji Church Conducts Dedication Ceremony
2023-10-26 Source: this site

On the morning of October 18, 2023, the Yongji Church in Shanxi Province conduced a dedication ceremony. An assembly of more than 800 people came to witness this moment, including ministers, fellow workers and believers from Shanxi CC&TSPM, Yongji Church and churches in Taiyuan, Xinzhou, Jinzhong, Jincheng, Yuncheng, etc.


Rev. Zhang Enlai, President of Shanxi CC, Rev. Tian Shengjie, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of Yuncheng TSPM, and Elder Chen Li, Vice Chairperson of Shanxi TSPM delivered congratulatory speeches, respectively on behalf of Shanxi CC&TSPM, Yuncheng CC&TSPM and other fellow churches. Afterwards, over 50 pastors and elders from all parts of the province participated in the dedication liturgy. The church choir sang Holy Temple of China, and Blessings Upon China.


Believers from Yongji Church together with those from the churches in Xinzhou, Jinzhong, Yuncheng joyfully offered praises and gratitude to God for the new church. There were performances that combined the characteristics of both Chinese culture and church tradition, such as dance, poem recitation, biblical drama, allegro, small choir singing, sign dance, etc.

Translated and edited by Bei Feng.