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Anhui CC Conducts Ordination Ceremony
2024-02-07 Source: this site

On January 30, 2024, Anhui CC held an ordination ceremony at Hefei Municipal Church. Of all thirty-three ordinands, nine were ordained as pastors, while 24 were ordained as elders. About 800 believers from cities of the province, students and faculty members from Anhui Theological Seminary attended the service.


The sacramental rite was officiated by Rev. Xue Lianxi. Rev. Chen Tianyuan gave a sermon titled Being Servants Pleasing to God” by quoting the verses from Matthew 25:14-30 and 45-51. Rev. Chen encouraged the newly ordained to be the servants God is pleased, who are good, faithful, and knowledgeable as eligible pastoral staff in the new era.


After performing the laying on of hands, Rev. Chen Tianyuan put on the stoles for new pastors, and Rev. Xue Lianxi bestowed Bibles upon the newly ordained. The congregation gave a standing ovation to congratulate all the new ministers.

Translator & editor: Bei Feng