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"Friends of Senior Peer" Health Pension Project Ended Successfully
2017-12-28 Social Service Department

In 2017, the “Friends of Senior Peer” health pension project of National TSPM won the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ approve with a grant of RMB 500,000 yuan.

This project is based on Nanping Sheng'ai Senior Citizens Nursing Home and provides services to several communities nearby. The project provides comprehensive services for the disabled and the brain degenerative elderly with physical rehabilitation, brain-building and social participation activities. The project consists of three modules: the first is helping the elders recover physical functions; the second is brain puzzle auxiliary treatment of brain degeneration elderly; the third is the elderly daily life home care services.

In order to ensure the professionalism of project management and increase the participation of the elderly and volunteers, we carry out different sub-projects at a specific time, and assign a permanent volunteer to lead 5 to 15 other volunteers in charge of different activities.


(A group photo of the volunteers)

The implementation period of this project was from May to December 2017. During this period, we conducted a pain management aerobics exercise every Monday to help the elderly prevented pains by doing exercises.

Every Tuesday, physical rehabilitation was carried out. Each volunteer was trained by a professional rehabilitation practitioner to assist the elderly in using rehabilitation equipment; to massage for the bedridden elderly; and to help the elders keep their walking ability.

Every Wednesday, we started to carry out rehabilitation therapy of interest. During the project, varieties of handmade materials were purchased. With the assistance of volunteers, the elderly made stickers, coasters and various handmade works. Volunteers put the works on the display shelf, which can add vigor and vitality to the Nursing Home.

Horticulture was carried out every Thursday. Volunteers and the elderly grew various plant pots. The elderly exercised visual, olfactory and tactile sensations, and experience the meaning of life in their careful contact with the plants.

Every Friday, music therapy was carried out. Volunteers distributed a musical instrument to each old person. Elderly people played the beat in coordination with the music. In the wonderful music, the elderly were relieved physically and mentally.

Every weekend we also carried out a series of activities such as tea party, birthday party and garden party to make elder’s social life became rich and colorful. In addition to the activities carried out in the nursing home, the project also organized nursing home staff, church workers and community volunteers to provide home-based services for community residents, including meal delivery, cleaning and accompany.

During the Chong Yang Festival, the project team released love gifts as well, such as pajamas, thermal underwear, diapers, olive oil and milk to every elderly person. 


(Making flowers with buttons)


(Making windmill show)


(Gardening time)

After more than six months, the project provided 9 different services to about 500 elderly people and completed the tasks of the central government finance project with the following results:

Health Benefits: To Improve body functions of elderly person’s hand, foot and eye areas through body exercises; and to prevent deterioration of brain function and maintaining the daily activities of the elderly.

Social Benefits: To enhance the ability to interact and communicate with the elderly in the nursing home and other communities; and to promote community inclusion among the elderly and prevent loneliness and depression. 

Empowerment: To help the elderly establishing subjective initiative; to develop their potential abilities; to build self-confidence and to affirm their self-worth through participating in recreational activities.

Publicity Benefit: To promote the culture of respecting the elderly in the churches, the elderly and their families; and to promote social harmony through services delivery.


(Prepare meals for the elderly)


(Deliver meals to the elderly)

The project is exemplary and sustainable. The nursing home staff and volunteers who participated in the project mastered the skills of carrying out various activities. After the project was completed, they could still organize various health activities for the elderly. This reflects the church's professional elderly services to the community and social testimony.

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