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Social Service Capacity Building for Church had been successfully held in Guizhou
2017-03-14 Social Service Department

It is urgent for the pastoral staffs who want to be “good stewards of the Lord” to think about how to promote their social service knowledge and skills, since the social problems are becoming more and more diversified and complicated.

On March 1-3, 2017, we carried out a 3-day “social service capacity building program” in Guizou Bible School, lecturers are Director Chen Yongjia, from the Social Service Department of the Hong Kong Council of the Church  of Christ in China (HKCCCC) and Mr. Liu Binzhi, from the Social Work Department of Chongqing Normal University. There were 45 pastoral staffs from different parts of the province taking part in this training course, which covering the value, theoretical model, practical method and project management of the social service in church and some other contents. 



During this training, the lecturers led pastoral staffs to discuss and think about the role and details of social service by brief language, vivid examples, games and assignments, and this made everyone benefit. “We used to do service without target in the community before we had this training”, a pastoral staff said, “After this training, we know that we need to build a brand of social service.” “Doing is better than saying. What we need are project, organization and executive ability.” “…In order to make the world be full of Christ’s love and let everyone enjoy our common world, church should pay attention to care society besides its own circles.” “…by understanding people’s demands, try our best to serve our society and be a good steward of the Lord.”


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