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Shandong CC&TSPM

Brief introduction to Shandong TSPM:

Shandong CC&TSPM refers to Shandong Christian Council (CC) and Shandong Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church (TSPM).

Shortly after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Christians in Shandong completely shook off the control of external forces and embarked on the path of independence and self-administration, in response to the national Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church. Over the past 40 years, the Three-self Patriotic Movement has changed the image of the Christianity in Shandong as a “foreign religion”, eradicated the disputes and contradictions caused by different denominational groups that took cheap shot at each other, launched union worship and established patriotic organizations compatible with Chinese socialist society. Concepts like loving both the motherland and the church in China, self-administration, self-reliance, and self-evangelism are becoming the mainstream of developing Christianity in Shandong.

Shandong TSPM is a provincial patriotic mass organization. Founded in 1958, it is located in Jinan City (the capital of Shandong Province).

Shandong TSPM serves the purposes of leading all Christians in Shandong to be patriotic and church-loving, abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, uphold social morals, stay committed to the independence of the Church, strengthen solidarity both inside and outside of the Church, provide service for the Church in Shandong and ensure that the Church can keep up with the times.

The highest institution of Shandong TSPM is the Shandong Christian Conference, at which Committees, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, and Standing Members are elected by all committee members for a four-year term. 

Current leadership members: 

Chairman of Shandong TSPM: Gao Ming

Vice-Chairmen: Wu Jianyin, Li Hongyu, Chen Guangxu, Zhao Keyu, Huang Bin, Zou Zhongyi

Secretary General: Wang Zenghui

Brief Introduction to Shandong Christian Council:

Founded in March, 1981, Shandong Christian Council is a provincial religious affairs institution in Shandong Province. The first committee of Shandong Christian Council was elected at the 3rd Shandong Christian Conference, at which representatives discussed and passed the Constitution on Shandong Christian Council. 

Shandong CC aims at uniting and guiding all Christians in Shandong, who have faith in God and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord, to be patriotic and church-loving, abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national polities, uphold social morals, and concertedly run the Church in Shandong well and make it compatible with our era under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Biblical truth, the Three-self Principles and church regulations.

Shandong Christian Conference is the highest institution of Shandong CC, at which the Committee, President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Standing Members of the Committee are elected by all committee members for a four-year term.

Current leadership members:

President of Shandong Christian Council: Dong Meiqin

Vice-Presidents: Wu Jianyin, Li Hongyu, Sun Fatian, Zhang Jianshun, Xia Lingjun, Lv Zhaoshi

General Secretary: Wang Mengkun

Shandong CC&TSPM is located on No. 356, Sushan Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong (postcode: 250118).