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Beijing CC&TSPM

Beijing Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church and Beijing Christian Council are referred to as Beijing CC&TSPM (“Lianghui”) in short.


In 1950, far-sighted Protestant church leaders headed by Mr. Wu Yao-tsung issued Direction of Endeavor for Chinese Christianity in the Construction of New China (or the Christian Manifesto in Short), and proposed the Three-self Reform Movement based on the principle of “Self-administration, Self-reliance and Self-evangelism”, which had quickly received encouraging responses from many believers across China. In 1954, Beijing TSPM was founded. Its purposes are to unite all believers in Beijing to love our country and the Church in China, honor God and benefit people; abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations, implement state policies and exhort social morality; uphold the independence and self-reliance of the Church in China; strengthen solidarity inside and outside of the Church, serve to run the Church in Beijing well, contextualize Christianity in our socialist society and exert positive influence on building a harmonious socialist society.

The spring of 1979 witnessed the Church in China restarting Sunday service after the Cultural Revolution. In 1981, Beijing Christian Council was founded. Its purposes are to adhere to the principle of self-administration, self-reliance, self-evangelism , and self-independence; unite and lead all Protestants who believe in God and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, love our country and the Church in China, honor God and benefit people; with one heart and mind follow the teaching of the Bible and the lead of the Holy Spirit and run the church well by formulating and improving church regulations; guide all believers in Beijing to play a positive role in building a harmonious socialist society and make Christianity in Beijing compatible with socialist society.

Ministries in Beijing have flourished with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At present, 21 churches are opened to the public in Beijing. Each year, over 5,000 people are baptized. There are over 50,000 baptized believers in Beijing; Approximately 50,000 Bible copies have been distributed. There are altogether 123 clergies, including 69 pastors, 17 associate pastors and 37 full-time preachers.

The Beijing CC&TSPM Conference takes place every five years. Conference representatives are responsible for the deliberation of Beijing CC&TSPM Work Report and the election of new Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Beijing TSPM as well as President, Vice President and General Secretary of Beijing Christian Council. Beijing CC and TSPM work together and are in charge of five functional offices: administrative office, overseas relations department, network office, real estate office and finance office.

Beijing CC&TSPM is committed to serving and building the Church in Beijing, leads believers in Beijing to maintain spiritual growth on the holy path, encourages them to contribute to social, economic and ethical construction and is willing to build and develop friendship with overseas churches and organizations that respect the Three-self Principle on the basis of mutual respect, equality and friendship so as to bear good witnesses for Christ.

Beijing CC&TSPM is located on No. 21, North Dongdan Road, Dongcheng District in Beijing. Built in 1928, the place was formerly the Chinese Bible Society. In May 1984, it was listed as a cultural relic building in Beijing.