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Exam for Theological Students of Sacred Music and Reporting Performance Held in Northeast Theological Seminary
2019-06-06 Source: this site

On the afternoon of May 15, 2019, all theological students of Sacred Music 2016 attended exams and gave reporting performance in Rock Church of Liaoning CC&TSPM in a warm atmosphere.


The theological students were assessed through subject tests, reporting performances, exams and group review. It was to examine the learning outcomes of the past three years and to prepare for further study in the next two years.


Based on the need to develop worship ministry of the churches in Liaoning and the current lagging-behind situation of theological education for sacred music, Northeast Theological Seminary started the “Three plus Two” Sacred Music program in 2016, namely three years for Sacred Music (junior college program) and two years for Theology (undergraduate program).

35 students in Sacred Music class 2016 attended the exam, among whom 23 were majoring in piano, and 14 in vocal (three students were in both programs).


The reporting performance shows by theological students were in various forms, including hymns, classic pieces, Chinese traditional songs, art works, modern popular songs and etudes.