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Christianity in China Is on the Move to Fight against the Novel Coronavirus
2020-01-31 Source: this site

The novel coronavirus outbreak that occurred early before the Chinese New Year 2020 is worrying the hearts of hundreds of millions. Highly concerned of this pandemic, CCC&TSPM established a leadership team for disease prevention and control. On January 24, it notified CC&TSPMs, churches and church-affiliated fellowships all around the country to work with local authorities, take responsive measures, and call upon Christians to actively shoulder social responsibilities.

At present, to prevent the spread of the virus, churches in many places have temporarily closed and discouraged congregational activities. Meanwhile, they told the church members to do necessary precautions via online platforms.

CC&TSPMs of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, together with churches and believers of many places also generously donated supplies and money to the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

Incomplete figures suggested that the overall donation now is more than tens of millions yuan.

Working with the Amity Foundation, CCC&TSPM donated goods and materials for precautions and protection that worth 500,000 yuan; Shanghai CC&TSPM, churches and church-affiliated fellowships donated 3,495,000 yuan; churches in Fujian Province donated 2,023,6000 yuan, 12,000 US dollars and 500 masks to local Charity Foundation and Red Cross Foundation; Liaoning CC&TSPM currently has donated 2,000,000 yuan; churches in Guangdong Province donated nearly 2,400,000 yuan, 4,000 masks and 8,000 bottles of medicinal alcohol; Tianjin CC&TSPM, churches and church-affiliated fellowships together donated 700,000 yuan; Hefei City (Anhui Province) CC&TSPM, church and church-affiliated fellowships donated 200,000 yuan; Hebei CC&TSPM donated 120,000 yuan; Shandong CC&TSPM donated 107,000 yuan through the Amity Foundation to Hubei Province; (Zhejiang Province) Ningbo City donated 100,000 yuan, while Yiwu City CC&TSPM donated 50,000 yuan to the municipal Red Cross Foundation and church members from Yiwu City Xin’en Church donated 16,000 masks; (Yunnan Province) Kunming City Trinity International Church and Chenbei Church together donated 50,000 yuan; (Xinjiang) Urumqi City Church distributed 7,000 masks to the local residents for free. Also, churches nationwide still are working on further donations with ongoing figures.

The Amity Foundation has received and will receive over 30,970,000 yuan, with 14 tons of sterilised water and 18,000 KN95 masks sent to Wuhan Province.

Young Men’s Christian Association of China (YMCA) and Young Women’s Christian Association of China (YWCA) also pay close attention to the novel coronavirus and its impacts. On January 23, they notified the YMACs and YWCAs in cities to do the work of protection and precautions. Individuals take care of themselves as the premise, actively take social responsibilities, and perform social services based upon the actual situations so as to do their own parts in this emergency.