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Overseas Churches and Christian Organisations Send Messages of Support: We Concern the COVID-19 Outbreak in China and Pray for the People
2020-02-24 Source: this site

For the last few days, the COVID-19 outbreak not only has worried the Chinese people, but also become a matter of concern for people from overseas. Some overseas churches and leaders of Christian organisations have expressed their concerns and supports to China in battling against the epidemic via various ways.


World Councils of Churches (WCC): The Role of Christians in China Is Inspiring

"As part of one body of humanity, we suffer together, with those affected by this outbreak. Our prayers and thoughts are with the millions of people who have been impacted. We remember the persons who have passed away and their bereaving families; the people who are suffering from the infection, and their family members; and the healthcare workers who are serving the communities selflessly," reflected Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of WCC.


"We are deeply inspired by Christians in China, who are playing a vital role at the forefront to overcome the disease."


Archbishop of Canterbury: Give Ongoing Support at This Difficult Time

"Watching the news and developments in the Coronavirus outbreak in recently weeks, I wanted to say how much the Church in China has been in my prayers…I would like to assure you of my ongoing support at this difficult time."


The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA): Give Thanks to Those Involved in the Incredible Emergency Response

"The Uniting Church and its agencies offer our prayers for individuals and communities across China as an expression of our support and gratitude to those involved in the incredible emergency response. May God’s peace and protection be with medical staff serving in the frontline. May the spirit of God comfort families and sustain the great commitment by government agencies and local communities working around the clock to contain the infection. UnitingWorld will correspond with the CCC and offer emergency relief as a small expression of our solidarity."


The Methodist Church in Britain (MCB): Prayers Bring Us Closer

"I am writing on behalf of the Methodist Church in Britain to share our love and prayers for the people of China as you manage the health crisis associated with the Coronavirus outbreak in Hubei province," MCB President the Rev Dr Barbara Glasson said.


In her letter, she said that the UK Church was "close" to Chinese Christians in prayer despite the geographical gulf.


She hoped that the Chinese health services, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and medical experts would soon be able to "limit" the disease and find a cure.


Friends of the Church in China (FCC): Wish the Crisis End Soon

"We wish you all well as your nation, church and people cope with the current health crisis."


"While at present opportunities for travel are limited, we trust our friendship can remain strong. "


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA): Pray for China and Is Willing to Provide Funds

The letter from ELCA said, "we will continue to work with the North American ecumenical network, spearheaded by the American Baptist Churches, as we provide funds so the latter can make purchases of the very kinds of medical supplies you are seeking… and we are praying for you all of you."


National Christian Council in Japan (NCCJ): Admire the Efforts Made by China and Pray for the Country

In the letter from Emi Beland, chair of China committee for NCCJ, it said that "as the news of the spread of the novel coronavirus and the increasing death toll constantly flood in, our heart aches for our brothers and sisters in China who are suffering from this unexpected outbreak and for those who have lost their loved ones as a result.


"We have read in the CCC&TSPM website of the tremendous efforts the Chinese churches have taken to tide over this difficult time. Your action is a great example of love and faith. Also, we praise the prompt responses and the decisive measures of the government to contain the spread, as well as the brave actions of the healthcare personnel and we would like to let you know that the churches in Japan continue to support and stand in solidarity through prayer to our healing God, Jehovah Rapha, as you battle this threat."



The Church in China appreciates the prayers and solidarity we are receiving during this challenging time. We trust that with the joint efforts from all sectors of society in China and with support from the international communities, and by the grace of God, we shall overcome this crisis.