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Heilongjiang Hallelujah Church

Hallelujah Church is located in Harbin, Helongjiang Province. It is the largest church in Harbin which was founded in 1990s. The church's principle is to fulfill the spiritual needs of believers, serve the society, love country and love church, honor God and benefit people. Now the church has 15000 believers and 22 fellowships.


As the central church for Harbin church, Hallelujah Church holds large events such as meetings, trainings and concerts. It is also the most important church for overseas exchanges in Harbin. In decades of years, the church has received hundreds of worldwide groups and it successsfully showed a good image of the church in Harbin to the world.

Services: Sunday 8∶00(summer) 9:00(winter)  13∶00  15∶30 

            Wenesday 13∶00  17∶00  

            Saturday 8∶00(summer)  9:00(winter)

Address: No. 2 Shengyong Street, Xiangfang District, Harbin, Helongjiang, China

Tel: 0451-55159752