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Nanjing Union Theological Seminary

Nanjing Union Theological Seminary is a nationwide higher theological seminary of Protestant Christianity in China, founded by CCC&TSPM. The principles of the seminary is to cultivate future religious leaders who love the country and the church, adhere to the Three-self Principles (self-governance, self-support and self-propagation), achieve the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, cooperative development in an all-round way, have great attainments in spiritual and theological fields, do well in uniting belivers, and are willing to serve the church and the society. It offer undergraduate, post-graduate and doctor programs. The seminary has trained over 2000 graduates, and most of them are serving the church throughout China. Now the seminary has 6 associate professors, 21 full-time teachers and 3-4 foreign teachers. 


Nanjing Union Theological Seminary was established in 1911. The institution used to be Nanjing Theological Seminary, it followed by eleven theological seminaries in East China joining it to form Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. In 1961, Yanjing Union Theological Seminary of Beijing would likewise join, making a total of twelve seminaries which formed the new seminary.