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East China Theological Seminary

History: Founded in September 1985, East China Theological Seminary is a regional theological seminary jointly established by the provincial CC&TSPMs in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian Provinces, as well as Shanghai CC&TSPM.


Leaders: Rev. Xu Yulan currently serves as the chair of the Board, and Rev. Xie Bingguo as the president of the seminary.

Curriculum: Curriculum of the theology program includes both general courses and specialized courses. Curriculum of the sacred music program is composed of three sections, namely specialized courses, theological courses and common required courses. The seminary also provides selective courses and themed lectures.


Faculty: The seminary is equipped with 15 full-time teachers, among whom 13 have master’s degrees or above. There are also 28 part-time teachers, and 11 of them have the titles of associate professor or above. The sacred music program has one full-time teacher with master’s degree, and 27 part-time teachers, 10 of whom have titles of associate professor or above. The seminary also invites backbone teachers from universities in Shanghai to teach history, politics, music, etc.


Book Collection: The seminary library has a collection of over 90,000 books, as well as valuable documents on the history of Protestantism in China and modern Chinese society. 


Students and Graduates: At present, there are over 160 on-campus students. By July 2021, the seminary has more than 1,500 graduates in total.

Other Ministries: The seminary has issued 18 volumes of East China Theological Review and Campus News respectively, 6 volumes of Theological Studies Collections, 6 volumes of selective chorus records on compact disc titled “Dong Shen Sheng Song” and “East China Sacred Music” respectively.