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Jiangxi Bible School

History: Jiangxi Bible School is a full-time Christian college school run by Jiangxi CC&TSPM. In the autumn of 1992, Jiangxi CC&TSPM started the Jiangxi Pastoral Training Class, the predecessor of Jiangxi Bible School, in an attic of Zhidao Church of Nanchang City. The training class was renamed Jiangxi Christian Bible Schoolin 1993 and finally entitled Jiangxi Bible Schoolin 2011 as a secondary Christian college with two-year programs. In June 2015, the Bible school was upgraded to a theology school with three-year college programs.

Leadership: Rev. Li Yungen now serves as the president and Rev. Yao Dafang as the vice president.

Curriculum: The Bible school opens three-year college program and two-year junior college program, one-year college preparatory course in theology and training classes. It offers nearly 80 courses, including Bible and theology courses, public courses, and ideological and political course.

Faculty: The Bible school has 22 full-time teachers, 19 of them with masters degrees or above.

Book collection: The Bible schools library owns nearly 30, 000 books.

Students and graduates: Currently, the school has 120 enrolled students. It has cultivated more than 600 theologians, more than 800 students of clergy training class, more than 200 graduates who are in charge of churches or church-affiliated fellowships. It has organized nearly 50 person times of in-service clergy training. Most of its graduates have become the backbone members of local CC&TSPMs, churches and church-affiliated fellowships.