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Inner Mongolia Bible School

History: Built on September 18, 1987, Inner Mongolia Layperson Class was the predecessor of Inner Mongolia Bible School. On October 23, 1987, the layperson class started in an affiliated building of Xincheng South Street Church in Xincheng District, Hohhot City. In 2007, a new campus site was built and situated in the Dadongying Village, Jinchuan Developmental Area, Hohhot City, and the class was renamed “Inner Mogolia Bible School”. In October 2015, the school was relocated to a new academic building inside Tongshun Street Church in Yuquan District, where the students can have their pastoral internship.

Leadership: Rev. Xie Baohua serves as the president; Rev. Zhu Junwei and Elder Bao Fulan serve as the vice presidents.

Curriculum: The Bible school is open to all candidates from Inner Mongolia, and has three-year college programs (including Bible and Sacred Music), with Bible class recruiting students every year and Sacred Music class recruiting students every three years.

Faculty team: Now the Bible school has 20 full-time teachers (three with Master’s degree in theology, one with Master’s degree in religious studies, three with postgraduate degrees, one with two bachelor’s degrees, three with double diplomas, eight with undergraduate degree in theology and one with associate’s degree in theology). It also has lecturers and associate professors from universities to teach cultural courses.

Book collections: The library of the Bible School owns more than 20,000 books. The categories of its collection include theology, Bible interpretation, devotional, philosophy, English, history, literature, Mongolian, etc. It also has a Bible study workshop with over 1,000 books donated by the United Bible Societies.

Students and graduates: Currently the Bible school has over 60 enrolled students and over 1,200 graduates so far.