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Jilin Bible School

History: Jilin Bible School was first built in October 2005, and its predecessor was the Training Center of Jilin CC&TSPM. It was officially founded in January 2010.

Leadership: Rev. Hao Yunli serves as the current president and Rev. Liu Xinggang as the vice president.

Curriculum: The Bible school offers two-year programs. Its curriculum include specialized courses in theology and general knowledge courses, encompassing systematic theology, biblical theology, historical theology, practical theology, literature, history, philosophy, politics, English, music, etc.

Faculty: Currently the Bible school has 12 teachers who give specialized courses and 10 teachers who lecture on general knowledge. Among them, six are with master’s degrees or above.

Book collections: The library of the Bible school owns approximately 20,000 books.

Students and graduates: Now there are nearly 60 on-campus students and more than 400 graduates.