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Northeast Theological Seminary Holds Thanksgiving Day Service
2023-11-28 Source: this site

On the afternoon of November 15, 2023, Northeast Theological Seminary held the Thanksgiving Day service at the Rock Chapel. The event included a thanksgiving service and a thanksgiving gala.

At the Thanksgiving Service, Elder Shi Aijun, President of Northeast Theological Seminary, led all the teachers to recite Psalm 103 and sang the hymn “For the Lord is with us”. Rev. Wang Jingli, the chaplain of the seminary, shared a sermon titled “Those in Need of More Grace” from John 5:1-16. She emphasized the boundless grace and love of Jesus Christ, who is the hope in the midst of despair, the helper in the midst of helplessness, the strength in the midst of weakness, and the saviour in the midst of sin. In response, student representatives respectively interceded for the seminary ministries, praying for God’s blessing on all aspects and glorifying the Lord’s holy name.

During the thanksgiving gala, the Sacred Music students performed a classical dance “Praise for Jiuzhou”, and the second-year undergraduate students presented a fan dance “God is Our Refuge”.

Translator & editor: Bei Feng