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2018 Religion Charity Week: “Granny Zhou” Love Kitchen Program was Held at Yuyao City Hall Senior Care Center, Zhejiang Province
2018-09-17 Social Service Department

On September 14, 2018, the “2018 Religious Charity Week ‘Granny Zhou’ Love Kitchen” initiated by the CCC&TSPM was successfully held in the Yuyao City Hall Senior Care Center (YSCC) in Zhejiang Province. The event aims to promote the traditional Chinese culture of respecting the seniors. The program provides a nutritious and balanced love meal for the seniors in need by cooperating with the church nursing home.


On the morning of September 14, Rev. Kan Baoping, the Vice President and General Secretary of the CCC, Elder Zhang Dapeng, the Standing Committee of the CCC&TSPM and the Director of the Social Services Committee of the Zhejiang Christian Council, Elder Zheng Zhangsheng, the member of the Social Services Committee of the Zhejiang Christian Council and the relevant person in charge of the YSCC attended the launching ceremony of the “Granny Zhou” Love Kitchen.


After the ceremony, Rev. Kan Baoping, Elder Zhang Dapeng and Elder Zheng Zhangsheng talked with the relevant person in charge of the YSCC. They listened carefully to the health care of seniors, the current situation of the center and the future development plan and put forward some constructive comments. During the discussion, Rev. Kan Baoping pointed out that we should strengthen the high attention to the seniors whowere physical disability, who had mental health problem, who were advanced age and etc. He also stated that we should actively take up social responsibility of religion with the premise of adhering to the direction of religious sinification.

Subsequently, all the participants in the discussion visited the environment of living area, the canteen and the fire safety facilities of the YSCC.

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