2018 Religion Charity Week: “Granny Zhou” Love Kitchen Program was Held at Yuyao City Hall Senior Care Center, Zhejiang Province
On September 14, 2018, the “2018 Religious Charity Week ‘Granny Zhou’ Love Kitchen” initiated by the CCC&TSPM was successfully held in the Yuyao City Hall Senior Care Center (YSCC) in Zhejiang Province. The event aims to promote the traditional Chinese culture of respecting the seniors. The program provides a nutritious and balanced love meal for the seniors in need by cooperating with the church nursing home.
Inner Mongolia Christian Council & TSPM visited Nursing Homes in Zhejiang Province
Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier Christian Council & TSPM organized a delegation of 6 people to visit 14 nursing homes in Zhejiang Province from March 16th to 24th.
"Friends of Senior Peer" Health Pension Project Ended Successfully
In 2017, the “Friends of Senior Peer” health pension project of National TSPM won the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ approve with a grant of RMB 500,000 yuan.