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Pastor Kan Baoping led a delegation to visit the poverty alleviation projects in Sandu County of Guizhou Province
2017-03-28 Social Service Department

From March 20 to 23, 2017, a delegation made of 4 staff from the Social Service Department and headed by Pastor Kan Baoping, the Vice President and Director-General of CCC, went to Sandu County of Guizhou Province to visit the poverty alleviation projects supported by CCC & TSPM.

In the morning of March 21, the group first came to Bailizhai Village to visit the site of the drinking water project which will be completed this year. It was the rainy season in Sandu and rained continuously. The group had to walk to the water source along the muddy trail in the rain. This trail, more than a thousand meters long is about 30 to 40 cm in width. Moreover, because of the steep slope on one side of the trail, there might be a risk of falling down. According to the introduction of the village leader, there are more than 200 people in 45 families living in the mountains, and it’s very hard for them to access drinkable water. We believe that this drinking water project will help them to solve this problem.



On the same day, the group continued to visit the factory of the bamboo processing products at Sanhe Village and the elderly home at Dahe Township. Then, the group discussed with the leaders of Dahe Township about the elderly home assistance and the elderly service plan.

In the morning of March 22, the group spent two hours of car driving arriving in Banyin Village of Zhoutan Township to visit the sewage treatment works funded by CCC & TSPM. As the domestic water and livestock sewage were discharged at random, water, soil and agricultural products were easily contaminated here. This project officially started in early March, and all works are expected to be completed by April 20. This will improve the situation of water pollution here.



Sandu is the only Shui Group autonomous county in the country. The group visited the Wei Mei horsetail-based embroidery shop in Tingpai Community of Sandu at noon. The horsetail-based embroidery with strong ethnic characteristics, is a traditional embroidery skill and popular among the women of Shui Group. It was listed into the non-material cultural heritage at state-level in the first batch in 2006. Wei Mei is the shop owner and also the trainer, she organizes the local women to learn this special embroidery skill and develop some embroidery products like shoes, bags, clothing and so on. They help the poor women make money by selling horsetail-based embroidery products.



The group discussed poverty alleviation work with some relevant local leaders in the afternoon. These local leaders expressed their thanks and expectations to CCC & TSPM for the targeted poverty alleviation projects. Pastor Kan Baoping said, “the program here will be one of the most important part of the work for the Social Service Department in the future. We also have the confidence that we will complete our established poverty alleviation tasks with the support of leaders in Sandu.”


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