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Henan Theological Seminary

History: In 1989, Henan CC&TSPM opened the Henan Christian Theological Training Center in Luoyang City, Henan Province. In 1993, the training center was relocated to Zhengzhou City and upgraded to an undergraduate school with four-year programs in 2017.

Leadership: Rev. Tang Weimin serves as the current president and Rev. Hu Junjie as the vice president.

Curriculum: The seminary offers common courses and theology courses (including systematic theology, biblical theology, historical theology, practical theology, etc.) Others like computer courses, and musical instrument courses (erhu, guzheng, piano) are also available to students, since the seminary values the cultivation of practical skills.

Faculty: There are 16 full-time teachers (two with doctor’s degrees and seven with master’s degrees) and ten part-time teachers.

Book collection: The seminary’s library owns about 50,000 paper books and about 50,000 digital books.

Students and graduates: Currently the seminary has more than 260 enrolled students. So far, nearly 3,000 students have finished their studies and now are serving in churches and CC&TSPMs in Henan Province.