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Training of Caregiving for Left-behind Groups
2019-03-25 Source: this site

On March 15, 2019, Jilin Dunhua CC&TSPM held a layperson training of caregiving for left-behind groups. Over a hundred laypersons from both urban and rural gathering points of Dunhua CC&TSPM received the training.


In recent years, Dunhua CC&TSPM has organized regular charitable activities to give care to the left-behind groups and help them solve various problems. To further carry out the ministry, Dunhua CC&TSPM held this layperson training.

Dunhua TSPM Chairman Rev. Wang Daiyu said, to meet the demands of this new era, churches should serve with love so as to bring more people to feel God’s love; serving with love can also lead to social development and progress, and promote social harmony and stability.

Preacher Zhang Li, Preacher Gu Junwei and Preacher Zhao Hualiang gave lectures in the training class. They offered detailed explanations on the ministry of caregiving for the left-behind groups and helped shape the value of the laypersons who engaged in the ministry, and this can help them serve with proper value and attitude and follow the Biblical teachings of “Love your neighbor as yourself”.