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The Fifth Graduation Ceremony for Xiya College in Dongfeng Nanzhan Church in Jilin
2019-06-06 Source: this site

On May 20, 2019, Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province held a graduation ceremony for the fifth session of Xiya College. 32 brothers and sisters over 60 years old successfully graduated after five-month study.



Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng  County highly valued the pastoral care and concern over senior brothers and sisters.


The church particularly carries out visiting ministry for the left-behind elderly group and opened Xiya College that enables senior brothers and sisters to further improve their understanding of faith through specific curriculums. Thus, senior brothers and sisters care for and befriend with one another.

Rev. Liu Xuesong, senior pastor of Nanzhan Church said, since the church is challenged by the aging congregation, it establishes Xiya College as an effort to satisfy the needs of senior brothers and sisters, and help them to lead a happy life during old age.