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Dunhua CC&TSPM Holds Revival Meetings and Communion Services
2019-04-11 Source: this site

Before the busy spring ploughing season, Jilin Dunhua CC&TSPM seized the period of March 25-30, 2019 and dispatched 29 church staff to 22 urban and rural gathering points for the revival meetings and communion services, aiming to help enrich the spiritual life of local church members.


To ensure that the revival meetings produce a desirable outcome, 232 deacons had received training beforehand.

Church staff then were grouped into four and led by pastors to reach churches in both urban and rural areas for the services.


Wherever they went, they received warm welcome from local brothers and sisters, who were pleased to have the timely-arranged revival meetings and communion services. 

As a matter of fact, every year when the church members were occupied with spring ploughing, they might fail to go to churches. The revival meetings made it possible for them to not only be spiritually satisfied, but also follow the teachings of God when doing the spring ploughing in preparation for a harvest this year.

Dunhua CC&TSPM holds deacon training on a seasonal basis for many years, and organizes revival meetings and communion services twice every year, separately before the spring ploughing and after the autumn harvest. 

By doing so, it encourages general church members to devote themselves to agricultural production, being the light and salt in their positions and bearing good witness in their family life.