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Beijing Chaoyang Church
Beijing Chaoyang Church
Hongde Church
Built in 1928, Hongde Church is located on No. 59 Duolun Road, Shanghai. It was jointly subsidized by Northern Presbyterian Church and Chinese Christians. The name of the church was given in memory of George F. Fitch (1845-1923), a renowned missionary in the church and one of the leaders of American Presbyterian mission Press.
Mu'en Church
Mu’en Church is located in No. 316, Middle Xizang Road, Shanghai. It was originally known as Moore Memorial Church, with its forebody being Trinity Church, which was built in 1874 by Missionary Lambuth of the Methodist Episcopal Church near Zhengjia Wooden Bridge at Shanghai's French concession (near Middle Fujian Road and East Yanan Road).
Northeast Theological Seminary
Northeast Theological Seminary has a history over one hundred years. In 1894, Dongguan Presbyterian Church established an advanced theological course based upon a pastor training class, with the purpose of cultivating local clergy. That was the predecessor of Northeast Theological Seminary. The seminary was officially set up in 1898 (in Shenyang, Liaoning), and Rev. Dr. John Ross (a Scottish Presbyterian missionary, 1842-1915) served as the first president.
Jilin Bible School
Jilin Bible School was first built in October 2005, and its predecessor was the Training Center of Jilin CC&TSPM. It was officially founded in January 2010.
Guizhou Bible School
History: The predecessor of Guizhou Bible School was Liupanshui Christian Theology Class, which was a two-year training course run by Liupanshui CC&TSPM in May 1993. In August 1996, it was renamed as “Guizhou Christian Theology Class” hosted by Guizhou CC&TSPM. The theology class began to offer a three-year program in September 2002. In September 2005, a new school building was completed at No. 253 North Baiyun Road, Baiyun District. The whole campus site covers more than 8,000 square meters, wi
Shandong CC&TSPM
Shandong Province
Shandong TSPM is a provincial patriotic mass organization. Founded in 1958, it is located in Jinan City (the capital of Shandong Province).
Shaanxi Provincial CC&TSPM
Shaanxi Provincial CC&TSPM is short for Shaanxi Christian Counciland Shaanxi Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church.
As a Protestant social organization, Henan TSPM works together with Henan CC to serve as a provincial mass organization for all believers in Henan Province. Henan Christian Conference is its highest institution.